Our Brands

About Us

Toyhome.in (Unit of Purab Enterprises) is the leading dedicated toy retailer, offering a differentiated shopping experience through its number of brands provided under same roof. Merchandise is sold at our store located in Kavinagar, Ghaziabad. In addition, we offer cash on delivery service in the near about regions of our store viz. Kavinagar, Rajnagar, Shastrinagar etc.

With our Retail outlet located in Kavinagar, Ghaziabad. We are committed to serve our communities as a caring and reputable neighbor by providing the best assets for a child to Play.Learn.Grow.We aim at providing the best gifting solution for kids that suits their age.

Our Vision

Since 1st January 2009 we have gone under a lot of transformation formerly Jain Stores was changed to Purab Enterprises and now Toyhome. We started long ago in 1996 by offering various products line and got the recognition over time as the best stationery and toy store in region. Since 2009 we are working to get specialized in a single product line i.e. toys. We aim to further enhance our collection only in a specific product line as in todays global marketing scenario specialization is must. Which we have satisfactorily achieved by now. Now In coming 5 years we wish Toyhome to grow and become one of the well known brand in the toy industry. We work to achieve our visions from day one itself.