Silverlit Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Silverlit Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
MRP.   6495
Our Price   6000

Age Group :  8+
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Product Code :  86074

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Own this Silverlit Bluetooth R/C Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG interactive car that can perform amusing tricks.

Sound Effect

Set the engines roaring, make screeching sounds as you take sharp turns or play some cool music through the speakers of this toy car.

React To Music Mode

You can make the back and front lights of this toy car flicker in tune with your favourite music, and let the doors flap like it`s dancing to the beat.

Control with Apple Smart Devices

You can control this remote-controlled car using selected iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and Touch iPod.

Control Mode

This toy car is really exciting as you can perform all the gestures of a real car by maneuvering it with its remote control or iOS devices. Take it to its extreme speed, reverse and turn in the desired direction with the virtual joystick on the screen of your smart device.