Silverlit Hover Racer

Silverlit Hover Racer
MRP.   3495
Our Price   3495

Age Group :  5+
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Product Code :  82014

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The realistic Silverlit Hover Racer features a dual propeller system, providing forward movement by driving both motors together, whilst simply turning the hovercraft with one motor only by using differential thrust. Additionally 2.4GHz radio control, allows up to ten similar specification models to be operated at the same time. Suitable for operation on a smooth surface on land or water, the Hover Racer is remarkably robust made of impact resistant plastic, with a water resistant body.

Press the start button to set both motors running slowly, drive the hovercraft by pushing both control sticks fully forward, and turn the hovercraft by using one joystick only. The Hover Racer is twenty three centimeters long, incorporates a powerful lithium polymer battery and will run for up to ten minutes, whilst recharging direct from the transmitter in less than half an hour. The remote control incorporates a low power battery indicator, as a useful safety feature when used on water.

The attractive Silverlit Power in Speed packaging includes a fully assembled hovercraft supplied ready-to-run, complete with a per-installed three channel 2.4GHz radio control system, plus an informative instruction manual and replacement air bag skirt. The Hover Racer is available in two stunning colour schemes. As the assortment varies, we are unable to guarantee which colour product you will receive. Requires 6 x AA alkaline batteries (not included).