Toykraft Sudoku Spin Master

Toykraft Sudoku Spin Master
MRP.   499
Our Price   450

Age Group :  8+
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Product Code :  39711

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After the Rubik`s cube, Sudoku is the latest craze, which has taken the world by storm. Sudoku Spin Master is the first-of-its-kind Board game offering fair competition without frustration of incorrect number selection. Players accumulate points while placing number tiles on the Sudoku board. Bonus points and a spinner add to the excitement and allow players with higher logic skills to score. Sudoku Spin Master is a path-finding, amazing and mind-blowing Board game. If you haven`t got addicted to Sudoku yet, be warned, Sudoku Spin Master will get you completely hooked.

Seller: Pegasus Toy-Kraft Private Limited