Marusenko Sphere Level 1

Marusenko Sphere Level 1
MRP.   1999
Our Price   1800

Age Group :  8+
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Marusenko Sphere Blue/White Level 1
Level 1: This Two-Color Sphere is the easiest Marusenko Sphere and a great place to start for the young or timid puzzler. There are only two colors yet 9 possible patterns.

About the Marusenko Spheres
The Marusenko Sphere is a great brainteaser that will have your family twisting and turning their way to more intricate thinking. Each 3D logic puzzle uses colors and shapes to power up the visual and logical processing parts of the brain. Imported from Spain, each Marusenko Sphere is exceedingly well-made. Small, lightweight, with a very smooth rotating action and no loose parts, each Marusenko Sphere makes an ideal traveling companion.

Marusenko Spheres offers five difficulty levels. Levels 1-3 are especially suited for beginning puzzlers, levels 4 and 5 are for puzzle brainiacs. Each Marusenko Sphere comes with details on how to solve some of the challenges and comes nicely packaged with a stand and protective transparent case to display it.

Unlike other handheld puzzles, no glue, springs, screws, or washers are used in constructing the Marusenko Spheres. All 54 pieces are built with high quality 100% recyclable colored plastic. These are an excellent, portable way to build spatial perception, concentration, and problem-solving skills at home or on the road.