Hola My First Smartphone 3127


Hola My First Smartphone 3127

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An interactive phone for a baby will provide lots of fun. It is known for a long time that children watch their parents closely and love to imitate them. And times like this now that without a phone, don't move! So that a child could also use technology, Hola released a completely safe, universal, light, handy first smartphone for a toddler!
The phone is made entirely of plastic with a touch colored panel.
Smartphone attractions:
- ringing telephone sound
- dialing a number
- the line is busy
- counting from 0-9 (English)
- calculator sound
- camera sound
- happy tunes
- flashing light
- 1,2,3 keys hide animal sounds (bird, duck, monkey)
- key 4 - has console sounds loaded
- key 5 - has an e-mail sound
- key 6 - film sound
- key 7 - hides the holiday melody
- key 8 - heartbeat is heard
- 9 key - this is the sound of the clock and alarm clock
- calculator key
- key 0 - bell
- camera shutter sound button
- the orange button with notes shines and wins happy melodies
Phone dimension:
- 12.5 x 7 x 2 cm
The telephone keys are large, visible and easy to press. The toy has a very subdued sound, it is completely safe for small ears of the child.
The toy is in English.