Hola Play the Piano 739


Hola Play the Piano 739

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This toy comes equipped with various functions to increase a child’s learning ability but as well as their sensory motor interactions.    The house comes with a tiny keyboard that plays different key tones when pressed, but with the switch of a button, the mode changes to    play songs. Therefore, when one of the 8 keys is pressed down, a different tune will be played that a child can enjoy. On top of the    keyboard, there is a row of beads of different colors that can be used to learn to count and learn colors as well. When the house is    rotated there is a picture of a dog holding a key that open ups the door to the house! The toy also comes with various shape block holes    that teach a child to learn the different shapes and different animals from a farm and their corresponding sound. With the various   sounds, the chimney that lights up when a top makes anise, and the multitude of activities, this toy has the capability of providing    endless amounts of fun.

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