Toykraftt Artistic Candle Pots.


Toykraftt Artistic Candle Pots

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ABOUT THIS KIT - Making terracotta candles is simplified for kids in this Toykraft activity kit. You can make 6 reusable terracotta candles. These are personalized DIY candles that light up to display your art and craft skills.
WHAT IS PROVIDED IN THE KIT? 6 Terracotta pots, paraffin wax, candle wicks, acrylic paint, 6 tempera paints, paintbrush and the instruction manual are provided in this Toykraft Art and Craft kit.
HOW DO YOU MAKE CANDLES? The Art and Craft activity can be completed in 3 stages: You need to decide on the design which you would like to paint. All the terracotta pots are painted with the acrylic skin tint paint and allowed to dry. Select a design (geometric, floral, or any other)and lightly pencil it on the terracotta pots. Use the tempera paints to give colour to the terracotta containers. They are then filled with molten gel wax taking care not to submerge the candle wicks.
WHAT DO YOU LEARN AND ACHIEVE? You learn how to paint designs on the curved terracotta surface. This will give you the confidence to test your artistic skills with other articles. You also learn how to fill the containers with paraffin wax. By doing so you get hands-on experience with this Art and Craft activity. Not only have you gained proficiency here, but you have also made some very useful candles in your own design.
CANDLE UTILITY AND GIFTING - When lit the colourful pots look outstanding. The pretty candle jars can be lit up for any festive or special occasion. The best part about them is that they can be reused by filling them again with wax. The candles from this Toykraft art and craft can be presented as gifts.
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