Toykraftt Candles GELWAX AQUARIA.


Toykraftt Candles GELWAX AQUARIA

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Art and craft are the building blocks of child developments and plays significant roles in shaping their behavioral aspects. As children grow up, they learn how to create and appreciate visual aspects. Art and craft also helps in motor and cognitive development, as there are many motions which usually involves holding the paint brush, cutting, pasting , folding, rolling and much more. These actions strengthen the arm and finger muscles and increase the hand dexterity. Also craft allows them to discover their innate talents and explore their creative streak. At times there is involvement of parents and this help to form social bonds and there is significant language development as well. So, if you want to provide yours child with a craft set that would help them in a significant manner and provide them with many entertaining hours then the toykraft gelwax candles-aquaria is what you should give them. This candle making set will not only help your child to create beautiful candle set but it will also enhance their critical thinking and observation skills.
this gelwax candles-aquaria set from toykraft consists of 3 pieces mini glass tumblers, 1 sachet of gel wax, 3 pieces wicks, 3 piece wick bases, 4 sachets in assorted coloured sand, 3 different assortments of shells in sachets, 1 sachet of glitter powder. Your child can combine these ingredients in whichever way they like to make beautiful candles which also make for excellent home décor. Now, you can buy toykraft gelwax candles-aquaria online and provide your child with an amazing candle making experience.
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