Toykraftt Clever Connexions.


Toykraftt Clever Connexions

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Open-ended Construction Models can be disassembled and components used again. Allows for self-motivated play to design, build from own imagination. Contents: Straws: 150 Connectors: 120 Rings: 8 Instruction manual This is a versatile construction kit which enables you to create 2D or 3D figures using pipes and connectors. Made for 5 plus and up….with 150 straw pieces in 8 colours, 8 building rings and 120 connector pieces…there's enough to go round for the whole family. This is a non-messy activity - the models can also be disassembled and the components can be used again. This set promotes cognitive development, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, creativity and understanding the third dimension. Your child's brain development is stimulated by creating these diverse models. Moreover the construction is not fixed – it is open-ended - so allows your child time for self-motivated play to design & build from their own imagination. Connecting' It has never been more fun! Bend it, cut it, throw it from place to place but don't lose it…and you are good. Besides following the instructions provided in making the shapes and objects, your little whiz kids may have an entirely different agenda in mind! 'They will even want to create their own shapes from their own imagination'.

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