Toykraftt Fabric Cross Stitch Craft.


Toykraftt Fabric Cross Stitch Craft

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Create Elegant Embroideries and Unique Patterns
Won't you like your child to spend her time creating beautiful pieces of art and picking up the skill of stitching? The ToyKraft Stitch Craft kit can introduce your child to the pleasures of using a needle and thread. Cross-stitch is the easiest and first stitch that children can pick up in their early years. You can also try your hand at this creative activity along with your kid. This stitch craft kit contains a book that will give you ideas for creating easy patterns and beautiful designs to start with, so that you will see the true and simple pleasure of creativity.
Cross Stitching Made More Easy and Fun
Your ToyKraft Cross Stitch Craft kit contains two sheets of a plastic mesh canvas and a plastic needle that is safe for use by kids. It has eight bundles of woolen yarn of assorted colours so your child can either refer to the pattern sheet available in the kit or get creative with the use of colours. This stitch craft kit for kids also contains a cross-stitch book that will introduce kids to the magic of this simple yet dynamic stitch. What's more, kids can use the Velcro and glue available in the kit to make useful things like pouches and coasters.
Brand: ToyKraft
Type: DIY kit
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Includes: Plastic canvas and needle, yarn, Velcro pairs, adhesive, pattern sheets, cross-stitch book
Colour: Multi-colour
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