Fisherprice Stacking Cups


Fisherprice Stacking Cups

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Keep your baby busy as can be with this set of eight colorful cups! Whether stacking them up high or nesting them all together, the Fisher-Price Stacking Cups are super fun for your little one.
Where development comes into play
Fine Motor: Little hands will be busy grasping, stacking, and nesting the cups, helping to develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Problem-
Solving Skills: Toddlers can practice trial & error as they figure out how the colorful cups stack and nest together.
Self Identity: Your little stacker will develop a sense of independence and confidence as they discover how to stack and nest the cups all on their own!
- 8 colorful cups of varying sizes Grasp, stack, and nest them together!
- Introduces colors, size, and sequencing
- Helps develop dexterity & hand-eye coordination
- Fosters problem solving skills