Fruits, Vegetables And Their Plants.


Fruits, Vegetables And Their Plants

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There are 62 cards each, for the fruit games for kids and the vegetable games in which the fruit or vegetable is matched with the images of the plants. The names too are clearly printed on the cards, so it becomes easy for them to read it, though they may not be able to literally read it, the words will be familiar to the eye as they are helped to pronounce it by elders. The learning process becomes complete if the game is played with an elder as it helps the kids to get a better grasp of the names of the plants, fruits and vegetables and the right pronunciation.They can play the vegetables games for kids which help them to learn all the names of the vegetables and understand that fruits and vegetables are not the same thing.
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Assembly required: No
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Weight: 481g
Dimensions: 27.5 x 20 x 3.8 cm
Players 1 to 2
Materials used Paper and Board