Fundough Ultimate Dough & Tool Kit.


Fundough Ultimate Dough & Tool Kit

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Funskool fun dough encourages creativity and improves connections in the brain in the default mode network. The various shapes and colors of fun dough helps to develop visualization and interpretative skills. Allows children an avenue for self-expression and builds confidence as children work with shapes, colors and learn to identify the same. Fun dough is an amazing medium where children find complete freedom to play with which develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Trains concentration skills and helps in focusing on task in hand. It is therapeutic – it can reduce stress and anxiety. From the manufacturersocio emotional skills: Fun dough provides opportunities for children to experience independent and cooperative play. While playing with two or more children, or with adults, the children learn about cooperation, collaboration, self-control, and friendships. Creativity: There is no end or defined space for imagination. Fun dough helps child explore and express these in her or his own individual way. Child achieve the flow state – the mental state of operation where we are fully immersed in an activity with energized focus, complete involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Funskool’s purpose is to inspire, engage and entertain every child, and the child in every adult.
We are India’s leading toy manufacturing company. Conceived in 1986 as a joint venture* between our parent, the MRF Group, and Hasbro Inc., we began commercial operations in 1988. Over three decades later now, you can find our toys in 4,500 retail stores across India. Our products form a significant part of the toy-portfolio of all major e-commerce and modern trade brands in India.
With the largest range of toys offered by any Indian company, Funskool has an assortment to meet the needs of every parent and child.
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