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Funskool Games - Travel Strike 4

Funskool Games - Travel Strike 4

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The Funskool Travel strike 4 is one of the most interesting games that children can play with. Travel strike 4 is a compact and useful game to have while travelling. Play strike 4 on the go This strike 4 game is one of the best Funskool travel games that keeps kids occupied for hours. It can be played anytime and anywhere. The set is very convenient to play on the go. Be it in a car or in a train, kids can play the Funskool strike 4 game quickly and easily. Blue colour with red and Yellow coins this travel strike 4 has a blue grid. There are two set of coins. One set is red in colour and the other one is yellow in colour. There are 24 red coins and 24 Yellow coins. All of it is made with high-quality material. Excellent strategy game The strike 4 board game is a strategy game. It involves calculations. It needs two players playing on the opposite side. One player will be playing with red colour coins while the other with yellow colour coins. Whoever gets four coins in a row first is the winner. Players take turns dropping in coins until a line of four is made. Key features strategy game can play while travelling compact pack with blue grid and two set of coins two player game form four coins in a row compact and easy to carry convenient to play while traveling can entertain both adults and children for hours at a time.

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