Hola Gossip Bird 3123


Hola Gossip Bird 3123

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A charming interactive toy in the form of a colorful bird from Hola, will delight every toddler.
The bird is made entirely of high quality plastic in charming colors. The bird's wings are made of soft, plastic material, the spout is plastic. The bird is placed in the plastic half of the egg, in which it sways happily sideways, sings, chirps, catches as a child does not care about him. The toy sings, speaks English, can record what the child says to her.
Just press the fringe and the bird will begin to flutter its wings and cheerfully catch its companion. When collecting a full collection, birds can play, tweet and hook up on their own. Happy brick fun.
Interactive Bird:
- a chirp
- he says
- accosts
- sing
- dancing
- records what you say to him in full sentences
- shines a green light on the tummy
- moves the spout
- moves its wings
- has volume controls
- is charged via USB
- English-language toy, very clear and pleasant to the child's ears
- 10.5 x 10.5 x 9 cm
Set contains:
- bird
- USB cable
The set is packed in colorful packaging, it works great as a gift for a child.

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