Hola Super Fun Fruit Car 516


Hola Super Fun Fruit Car 516

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Super Fun Fruit Car
The popular Hola Super Fun Fruit Car is a fun-loving, shape sorting car that introduces children to the concept of numbers, letters, shapes, colours and fruits.
There are 6 different colourful fruit blocks to play with and young children will have a ball matching the blocks to the corresponding shapes in the car. Once the car is filled with the fruit blocks, simply open the boot to spill them out and start again.
The electronic Hola Super Fun Fruit Car is interactive, engaging and comes with some amazing features such as bump and go action which means if the car bumps into an object it will change direction. The bump and go feature can also be turned off and the car can be used without batteries. There is a ringlet underneath the vehicle so that a piece of string can be attached to it and the car can pull along.
Product Features
6 Shape sorting pieces with different fruits and colours
Bump and go action
Classic design
Can be used with or without batteries
Educational Benefits
Cognitive Development
– Teach your child how to recognise shapes, colours and fruits.
Fine Motor Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination
– Improves hand-eye coordination skills. Watch your child as they learn how to insert the shapes into the correct slot.