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Physical features are natural features on the earth’s surface such as Mountains, Plateaus, Rivers, and Deserts. It includes Landforms and Bodies of water. It’s fun to learn geography and explore World’s diverse geographical features. Mapology Physical Features of the World will help kids know about the geological marvels of our planet like different ranges of the Mountains or the role of the Plains of the World. This kit includes 6 pieces Continents, 1 Dual-Sided Mat, 23 3D Mountains & Plateaus, 32 River, Lake & Desert pieces, 6 3D Volcanoes, 60 Name Pegs, 60 Name Stickers, 1 Spray & Play Bottle, 1 Information & Construction Guide. This product will help kids know about the different physical features of the World and will be able to learn the basics of topography at a very young age. Kids can also test their memory by playing quiz time and enjoy the activity. This World Map puzzle for kids helps in developing kids imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. These educational toys for kids 5 years are also very popular as a return gift for boys & girls - Safe & Sturdy Material - complies with US & European safety standards.
Imagimake has been established with the objective to bridge the gap between development and entertainment by creating fun and constructive toys for children. We provide a fulfilling and innovative range of products which cater to art & hobby, educational toys, puzzles and 3D model making sets that win the hearts of both parents and child. Imagimake range of toys facilitates holistic child development.
Our activity toys & DIY craft sets cater to kids who are 3 years and above, but these toys are crafted in such a way that even adults can enjoy! These toys are a great way to harness the creativity and expose kids to a whole new world of possibilities!
Imagimake brings forth the vision to create a toy range that is innovative, easy to play with, affordable and have a higher play value.
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