Toykraftt Indian Folk Art.


Toykraftt Indian Folk Art

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TRADITIONAL INDIAN ART FOR KIDS - Warli, Gond and Madhubani art and craft kits are the best fits for kids. The art and craft activities reveal simplistic thoughts and do not have perspectives. One art painting reveals many activities. The art and craft objects incorporate simple styles and the colour palette is very rich.
ABOUT THIS KIT - This Toykraft art and craft activity kit provides the art and craft enthusiast a golden opportunity to exercise creative abilities in Madhubani, Warli and Gond art. The best part about doing this is that you familiarise yourself with the traditional art culture of India by making some very useful and display items. Make a working Warli design wall clock, a pair of Madhubani art gift boxes, and two Gond mosaic dot art terracotta displays from this art & craft activity kit.
CONTENTS - There is a rich brew of art and craft material for the hobby enthusiast. This includes Mountboard cut-outs for the clock, Pre-punched cut-outs for boxes and lids, Display panels, Paper cut-out sheets, Terracotta faces, Clock hands and movement, black felt pen, acrylic and tempera paints, paintbrush and string, design tracing sheets, wooden skewers and toothpicks and craft glue.
HOW DO YOU MAKE THESE ITEMS? In this Toykraft DIY kit all the instructions are provided in an illustrated manual along with a book on Indian traditional art which covers Madhubani, Warli and Gond art forms. You assemble the clock and populate it by painting it in simple Warli art. Make the simple gift boxes and embellish them with Madhubani designs. Use dot Art to create Gond designs on the terracotta faces which are the mounted on boards to be displayed
TRADITIONAL FOR DISPLAY AND GIFTING - Besides the Warli, Madhubani and Gond designs shown on the box, you can create your own artwork once you are conversant with these art forms. It would be a great idea to gift someone with this kit.