Joker Slimy the Original Swiss Formula


Joker Slimy the Original Swiss Formula

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Various mucus is the hit product of today, both smaller and larger children. There are guidelines for the limes online, but the safest is to use tested and specially designed materials. Authentic and original, the meadow, made with a Swiss formula, delights and attracts many-year-olds. The mucus comes in a convenient jar, where it is easy to store. Just open the jar lid and the mucus is ready for use - no more home supplies full of different own and vague blends! Hands should be washed before starting to play with mucus. Slimy is safe and non-toxic, but it is meant to be a toy and should not be placed in the mouth. After use, the mucus should be put back into the jar and the lid closed tightly. Mildews can easily be removed by washing with warm water or mucus when rubbed. Easy and fun - and super cool and great! The color of the product varies depending on availability.