Magic4 Games Skill N’Joy.


Magic4 Games Skill N’Joy

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4 Different Games : a) I Spot b) Quick Draw c) Grab the Bell d) What's the Secret : That helps develop strategy and problem solving skills in children. Also helps to improve social interaction and dexterity. Fun for the entire family. Suitable for 5 Years and above
I SPOT : Select a player to roll the dice. Now all other players pick a blindfold each. The Dice roller can lay out 3 to 8 cards face up, counts to 20 for all to memorize the cards. Roll and perform the action as on Dice. Now all players to take their blindfolds off Whoever notices the changes made, quickly raises their hand and calls out I-Spot!! If they get it right they get to take all the cards! .... :: Contents: 48 cards - 2 levels of difficulty 1 Dice and Cover 4 Blindfolds
QUICK DRAW : Take 1 sketch book, pencil and score sheet each One player draws shape card and instruction card and reveals to all All players now have 60 secs to sketch something meaningful from the shapes and following instructions Each players is then scored as per their sketches out of 10 ..... :: Contents: 36 shape cards (2 levels) 12 Instruction cards A5 size Notepad & 4 Pencils 60 seconds hourglass Scoring sheets
GRAB THE BELL : Choose the player to blindfold & Grab the Bell while others form a circle around quietly First player from circle picks one bell & starts passing to others If blindfolded player grabs the bell while passing, they earn points. If not, keep adding one bell on every round. Add up to 5 bells. The winner is the fastest bell grabber! .... :: Contents: 10 bells 2 printed blindfolds Scoring Sheets
WHAT'S THE SCRET ? : Form teams Player from one team will pick a card and write a sentence based on the word in the card Written sentence is given to competing team while the players whisper sentence to the next player and the next and so on for 60 seconds Last person must say the sentence aloud and guess the object on card correctly to earn points .... :: Contents: 48 cards – 8 Different Categories! 60 seconds hourglass Scoring sheets Notepad & Pencil