Toykraftt Make Your Own Castle.


Toykraftt Make Your Own Castle

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ABOUT THIS KIT - This Toykraft art and craft activity kit kit will enable you to make an authentic castle from Medieval times by using both construction and painting techniques.
WHAT IS IN THIS OFFERING? There are a large number of components and art materials provided. These include 18 Mountboard cutouts, 4 Cardboard tubes, 4 Cut-outs for turrets, Craft glue, 2 Acrylic paint bottles, Sponge pieces, Felt pen, string, 12 Soldier & 9 Shield cut-outs, Plastic straw and Twine, Metallic hex-nuts and an instruction manual
WHAT CAN YOU MAKE FROM THIS DIY KIT? You can construct a replica of a medieval castle - complete with castle drawbridge, soldiers and emblems using the above material.
HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS ART AND CRAFT DIY CREATION? Follow closely the diagrams and instructions provided in the manual to construct this enormous edifice. Follow this up by painting this fabulous mega-structure with acrylic paints to authenticate the castle look. Finally, string through twine as per the instruction diagram to make an actually operational drawbridge.
WHAT DO YOU LEARN FROM THIS TOYKRAFT HOBBY KIT? With this DIY offering, you can express your art and craft skills in a multifold manner. You learn construction skills to make 3D objects, sponge painting and how to string together a working drawbridge. This Art and Craft activity offers a perfect alternative fun to keep kids busy, learning essential life skills. They get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, reading and understanding diagrams, and much more.
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