Toykraftt Mom & Baby Yarn Unicorns.


Toykraftt Mom & Baby Yarn Unicorns

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Create these adorable mom and baby Unicorn pair with yarn wrapping. First, make the animal bodies nice and sturdy by sticking together corrugated boards of the animal's cut-outs provided in staggered sizes. Then wrap and wrap with white yarn on the animal figures until you complete the animals. Use coloured yarns for the hooves, mane, and tail. Add other paraphernalia for the glittering horn and eyes. It's an irresistible wrapping activity for any unicorn-lover When you're done, you'll have two unicorns that are superb and colourful and you mastered a fabulous craft for using in room decor and display pieces. A step-by-step illustrated instruction manual will aid you along this magical and creative journey. 
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