Toykraftt M'TEK MINI CARS (Assortment).


Toykraftt M'TEK MINI CARS (Assortment)

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Toykraft introduces its new product named mini-cars, which is designed with advanced features. Toykraft is one of the most eminent companies that manufacture attractive toys for children. If your child has developed a great fascination for toy cars, you should get this advanced toy as a gift for your child. As this toy requires a basic constructive skill to play with it, this toy is suggested for all the children aged 7 years age and above. Toykraft mini-cars is actually a set of parts and particles of a new age car, which your child needs to arrange in order to construct the appropriate body of a car. This pack includes a total of 54 parts for 4 wheelers with essential tools of a wheeler's body. It also includes a display mounting base to clearly display your child's creation. Hence, it not only lets your child's imagination grow, but at the same time it shows his or her skill of meticulously replicating their imagination. Hence, this toy serves as an aid for developing your child's constructive and logical skills. If your child plays with this toy on a regular basis, he or she will gain an interest in engineering and architecture. This toy comes with a package that has a dimension of 19 x 15 x 5 cm and weighs 200 g. It is made of pure metallic components, which assures the durability of this toy. As this toy is a tested and tried product, it is completely safe for your child to play with.

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