Nerf Fortnite DG.


Nerf Fortnite DG

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The prototype for the Nerf Fortnite DG arrow blaster is the weapon of the same name from the popular video game Fortnite. Its design is fully consistent with the appearance of the original. The blaster is equipped with a rotating drum for 15 arrows, thanks to which, before reloading, a fighter manages to shoot at a target 15 times in a row. The blaster is manually activated and allows you to quickly get into the game: load arrows into the drum, move the handle towards and away from you to bring the blaster into combat readiness and pull the trigger. The blaster will fire 1 arrow. To fire again, move the grip towards you and away from you and pull the trigger again.
Copyright belongs to Epic Games. Hasbro and all related product names are trademarks of Hasbro.
Product characteristics
● The prototype of the Nerf Fortnite DG blaster was the weapon of the same name from the popular video game Fortnite
● This pump blaster allows you to fire 15 arrows in a row
● The original Nerf Elite arrows were tested for quality and functionality
● Burst function allows you to quickly release all 15 arrows from the blaster. Pull the trigger and move the handle towards you and away from you
● 1 blaster, 1 drum, 15 arrows and instructions
More details
● For children from 8 years old
● Do not aim in the eyes and face
● Use only original Nerf arrows
● Do not make changes into the construction of arrows or blaster
● May contain small parts. Not for children under 3 years old
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