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ABOUT THIS KIT - Children and beginners can have fun and pursue simple origami projects with this playful Origami kit from Toykraft. This activity kit for kids, parents & teachers helps to learn and master the joys of origami together. The folding fun begins with the specially sized origami papers and you'll end up with great looking paper models of jungle animals. When placed in the diorama, which can be made from the kit, they come alive in their natural habitat for pretend play & storytelling
WHAT’s IN THIS KIT? – In this Toykraft Origami kit 42 sheets of paper are provided in varying sizes according to the dimensions of the Jungle fauna and animals. Also provided are printed card cut-outs which can be stuck as a craft activity for the child to make a Jungle Diorama for these origami animals.
HOW TO MAKE IT? – The comprehensively illustrated book provided in the kit guides the Origami enthusiast into making different Jungle animals like a Snake, Pig, Wild Boar, Fox, Giraffe, Elephant, Peacock, Gibbon, Lion, Zebra, and Panther. The child can make multiple models with this papercraft kit.
WHAT DO WE LEARN? – This Origami activity is a great creative craft for 5-year-old kids, as they can create origami models using folding techniques appropriate to their age. Children get a real sense of satisfaction out of making these Origami animals. By doing so they will become adept at following instructions, improve their manual dexterity, and produce fun and decorative end-products. They'll be so proud of their very first Origami—and would be delighted to display it!