Toykraftt Paper Quilling First Forays.


Toykraftt Paper Quilling First Forays

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Art and craft is one of the most necessary and integral parts of the growing up years for kids. Getting engaged in art and craft helps kids to express themselves in various forms. Amongst the many forms art, paper quilling is a fascinating form which involves the technique of coiling, rolling, crimping and pasting strips of papers into different forms to create fun shapes, images and figures. Paper quilling is a popular art form and is extremely well-liked among young kids like other craft hobbies like origami, scrapbooking and candle generating. Quilling paper has a certain hypnotic charm about it that encourages kids to take part in it. Now, you can present your child with their very first paper quilling set with the toykraft paper quilling set for kids.
This paper quilling set from toykraft contains 100 strips of 10 attractive and vibrant colors, along with 6 blank greeting cards, one tube of adhesive glue, one quilling book, one paper quilling tool. This paper quilling set is especially designed for kids aged seven years and above and it a perfect blend of creativity and fun. Kids can turn this colourful paper strips into an array of shapes and it is an excellent way of expressing their thoughts and creativity as well. Paper quilling will keep your child engaged for hours and as it requires great amount of precision and self discipline to produce quality work, young kids learn the virtue of patience and co-ordination. Now, you can purchase the paper quilling set for kids online and let your child unfurl their wings of creativity which will also help to shape their future.
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