Playpanda Brain Booster Type 1


Playpanda Brain Booster Type 1

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6 Years+
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How to play ?
Choose a puzzle from the Puzzle book (56 puzzles). Arrange the 7 magnetic shapes on the magnetic board to match the puzzle. Check for the solution in the solution book.
You can play Brain Booster puzzles in two player mode.
1. Pick a puzzle for the opponent to solve and vice versa. 2. Keep a time limit. 3. After the time is up, check the solution. The player will get 10 points for every shape in the correct position. 4. After 3 rounds, the player with the highest score wins.
Key Features
Brain Booster promises hours of fun. It helps children develop their spatial and logical thinking skills. It improves their geometric understanding and problem solving skills. Even teenagers and adults will find brain boosters engaging. Brain Booster puzzles are sure to challenge their brain.
Recommended age : 6 - 99 years
Ideal for both boys and girls
This product is designed and manufactured in India
7 magnetic shapes (both sides magnetic)
Magnetic board (size 7X7 inches)
Puzzle book with 56 puzzles
Solution book with 56 solutions