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Quilling Factory

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The most sought after creative toy of the year. Embark on a fun filled journey of imagination and creativity. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this quilling kit is easy to follow and makes quilling fun. This ultimate Quilling Kit comes with the Super Quiller, Crimping Buddy, other tools, Quill On strips and 3 fun projects. Create wonderful Monster pop-up birthday card, Robot themed nameplate, and a super fun Pirate 3D photo frame. Each project comes with detailed pictorial instructions to help your child create these wonderful crafts. The Crimping Buddy fits right on to your Super Quiller to give a crimped effect to the quilling strips which can then be used to make coils. The pack comes with 800 quilling strips. Even after completing these projects, you will be left with large number of strips to create designs from your imagination. The Quilling Factory also contains treasure stones and googly eyes to decorate the projects. It is sure to be every creative young child’s delight.