Sebamed Baby-Body Milk 100ml


Sebamed Baby-Body Milk 100ml

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For babies and small children skin lotion is not a luxury. Babies and young children do not have a fully developed barrier function to protect against harmful environmental factors. The sebum production is lower than in adults. Therefore, applying a moisturizer after washing or bathing provides essential support for the body’s protective functions. Baby body-milk contains valuable vegetal oils and lipids. The natural moisturizers such as lecithin, almond oil, shea butter and squalene provide optimal protection against dehydration and are very well tolerated. 1) 22 percent natural lipids in an oil-in-water emulsion 2) sweet almond oil, shea butter, squalane and lecithin safeguard against dryness 3) allantoin makes the skin smooth and supple 4) spreads easily and is rapidly absorbed 5) free from mineral oils 6) free from peg bonds 7) ph value of 5. 5 Supports the development of baby’s acid mantle.