Silverlit Exost Xspeed 3


Silverlit Exost Xspeed 3

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Remote controlled cars are an attractive toy for older boys, which provides a decent dose of experience! The remotely controlled Buggy Exost has a unique racing design. Wide and retreadable shock-resistant tires allow you to play outside without worrying about damaging the toy on uneven, asphalt or gravel. The vehicle looks amazing. The black color of the "bodywork" perfectly harmonizes with decorative patterns, stripes and inscriptions. A spoiler is mounted on the back. 
Technical parameters:
-  Frequency: 2.4 GHz
-  Maximum speed: 15km / h
-  Remote control range: up to 30 m
-  Power supply: 500mAh battery; 2x AA batteries - available in the set
-  Scale: 1:10
-  Removable housing
Buggy Xspeed 3 is a high quality toy with a removable casing, providing fantastic fun, and at the same time pleasant to use. The set includes a remote control for batteries, which allows you to control the car and operates in a radius of up to 30 meters. The toy operates on 2.4Ghz frequency and develops speed up to 15km / h , which with its scale (1:10) can be compared to the speed of 150 k / h of a real car. Fully charged batteries allow you to play for 20 minutes. 
Battery charging time: 2h 30 min.
Producer: Silverlit
Catalog number: TE174
Suggested age of the child: 8+
Package dimensions: 50cm x 37cm x 24cm