Silverlit Tiny Furries Fluffy Friends in your palm


Silverlit Tiny Furries Fluffy Friends in your palm

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Cute Fluffy Kitty robot-kitty, with glass surprising eyes that shine with LED light, moving tail and wonderful soft fur will surprise kids with its functions. It is equipped with light and sound effects. It is enough to pat him on the back, press his nose or touch the tail to hear funny sounds or singing. Fluffy Kitty love to cuddle, and their fluffy fur will certainly encourage the little ones to do so. If several Fluffy Kitty are close to each other, they will be able to talk to each other. They can also communicate with other fluffy friends: Tiny Furries or Baby Furries!
Product characteristics:
touch sensor,
LED eyes,
moving tail,
the kitten sings songs,
makes happy noises, snores, purrs,
the toy can be paired with other Fluffy Kitty so that they sing in the choir and talk to each other
2 modes: solo (single Futrzak) and choir (more than 1 Futrzak),
6 patterns to choose from,
age: 3+

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