Smart Dino Mechanical Dino


Smart Dino Mechanical Dino

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-- Gesture sensing: 
The mechanical Dino moves when it senses your gesture commands and automatically avoids obstacles when moving. 
-- High agility: 
Display Mechanical Dino's agility, built-in infrared vision sensor allows mechanical dinosaurs to respond when they sense your gestures. 
-- Gesture interaction: 
When you do a gesture on DINO, it doesn't like it. It will become impatient, angry or dizzy And ask you to soothe. 
-- Omnidirectional emotions: 
The mechanical dinosaur has various emotions. When it lights up red, it shows anger. It wanders around to avoid you. When it lights up, it expresses curiosity. It will sniff and perceive you. Gesturing; when it lights up green, it means euphoria, it will circulate and wag its tail 
-- Gyroscope self-balance: 
Intelligent gyroscope auto-balancing technology allows the Mechanical Dino to perform operations in equilibrium. 
- Bionic tail design: 
Mechanical dinosaurs follow the S-tail of the stenographer to ensure balance and agility when moving. 
Product specification: 
-Product Brand: Fengyuan 
-Product Number: NO.28308 
-Product color: white/silver 
-Main functions: gesture sensing/infrared remote control/game interaction/gyroscope auto balance/emotion indicator/singing/dancing 
-Battery: 4.8V 600mAh rechargeable battery 
-Product size: 49 * 15.5 * 30.5cm 
-Packing size: 40 * 20 * 29cm 
-Gross weight: 1.8kg 
-Net weight: 0.883kg 
The product contains: 
Mechanical DINO*1 
Remote control*1 
Charging cable*1 
User Manual*1