Toykraftt Finger Painting 2.


Toykraftt Finger Painting 2

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Finger painting is an art form in which one uses fingers instead of a paint brush and is especially suited for very young children.
The animal picture templates serve as an ideal launch-pad for them to experiment with colour and as a form of expression of their individuality.
They can extend their finger-tip expertise by painting other life forms using those shown in the box cover as leads.
Getting their hands into the paints, experimenting with colour mixing, learning cause and effect from inside - the pot and palette to outside - on the paper is a thrill which is inexpressible.
For adults it is an art form of unbelievable depth and satisfaction and they even believe that the spirit flows to the finger-tips instilling a part of their soul into each creature!
Non-toxic paints in pots – 5 (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and White);
Pre-printed art paper templates of animals: 12;
Blank sheets of art paper: 6;
Tubs for mixing and dilution: 10;
Spatula: 1;
Instruction manual
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