Toykraftt Glass Painted Acrylic Coasters.


Toykraftt Glass Painted Acrylic Coasters

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Coasters are an important part of tableware to give your furniture the protection it needs from the water that stays from glasses or mugs. Many people don't consider these as an aspect of the decor, but when you do place a set of coasters on your coffee table it adds immensely to the ambiance. As your guests sip their drinks from the glasses, coasters can become conversation starters.
When a child makes them from start to finish as a handcrafted item, then the utility value of the coasters is enhanced. They also serve as decorative items around the house which the child is very proud of. This kit enables a child to make 6 design coasters from start to finish.
Square acrylic plate: 6, Square wooden base: 6, Highlighter tube: 1, Glass paint: 3 colours, Tooth-pick: 6 Design tracing: 6, Adhesive:1
Instruction manual: 1
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