ToyKraftt Make A Dream Catcher.


ToyKraftt Make A Dream Catcher

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Even though many do not believe that a dreamcatcher has the powers of filtering only in only good vibes and keeping out the bad, it is still considered as a wonderful charm of good feelings. It goes a long way to recognize and honour the traditions of the Native Americans. Putting up this deco bedroom wall hanging personalized by you will definitely augment this good feeling and spread good vibrations. Besides all the paraphernalia that goes into making this wall hanging - wool, feathers, beads, cord and strings, the main construction revolves on threading and knotting the cord within the ring of the wall hanging. This challenge can be overcome by following the illustrated step by step manual on how this is done. With practice you can master making the threaded web of the suncatcher and teach your peers and friends too! CONTENTS: Circular metallic ring: 1, Jute cord: 1, Wool: 1 packet String: 1, Feathers: 9, Coloured wooden beads (small): 1 packet Coloured wooden beads (large): 1 packet, Instruction Manual.
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