Toykraftt Washable Finger Paints.


Toykraftt Washable Finger Paints

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WHAT IS FINGER PAINTING? Toykraft Finger painting allows toddlers and preschoolers to dabble in this form of art as it is difficult for them to do it with a paintbrush. The great thing about painting for children is that each painting is truly a work of art to them... even if you can't tell what it is. Finger painting with children can also be a great way for them to explore their art skills by experiment, cause and effect, learn about colours and see the magic of new colours when mixed.
Premium quality – easily washes from skin and most clothes
WHAT IS INSIDE THIS KIT? Five Child-safe approved and tested finger paints (as per international standards) in large containers - 100 of each colour and sponge.
WHAT DOES THE CHILD LEARN FROM HERE? Finger Painting is especially suited for very young children who cannot paint with a brush. Finger painting serves as a perfect launch-pad for them to experiment with colour and as a form of their expression and individuality. Getting their fingers into the child-safe paints, mixing colours, learning cause, and effect from inside - the pot to outside - on the paper is a thrilling experience provided by these Toykraft Finger Paints.
PAINTING AS AN ART AND TEXTURES - Finger painting is so addictive that it does not stop after the first or second effort but continues on as the toddler get completely hooked on to this art form. Subsequently, it discovers deeper facets of the art skills and comes out with amazing pictures that would not have been possible with a paintbrush. The nails can be used for etching, signing, and creating borders. Toddlers can even use the spatula provided in the kit to get the effect of nails.
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