Wild Republic Orange Eastern Cottonmouth Snake - 54

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Wild Republic Orange Eastern Cottonmouth Snake - 54"

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Also known as a water moccasin, the Cottonmouth gets its name from the white coloring inside its mouth. This semi-aquatic animal is often found swimming through swamps, marshes, lakes, and streams, and Slithering along the edges of ponds, and in fields. But its stuffed animal counterpart can be found Slithering around your house, seeking adventures and cuddles. Coming in at 54 Inches, This plush toy is the perfect size for children of all ages. In nature, cottonmouths grow approximately 2-4 feet in length, but can sometimes exceed five feet. Cottonmouths are distinguished by their blocky and triangular head tapering into their neck, thick body, distinctly long tail, and the dark bands across their backs. The metallic coloring of this soft plushier gives off a reflective and eye-catching sheen. The 100% Surface-washable fabrics will help to keep your stuffed toy snake in shiny and pristine condition. Also constructed with high-quality and durable fabrics, playtime is carefree. Let your imagination slither with this lifelike stuffed animal snake. Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With a unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals.