World Safari.


World Safari

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Pack your bags and start globetrotting with this amazing and creative educational aids board game called World Safari. This is one game that will put you into the shoes of an explorer as you discover new and exciting things of the world. This fun game is not only exciting but also helps the imagination to take flight to different places in the world. So get to know and understand the different animals, people, that surround you as you play this game.
Colourful Learning Game for Kids
Enter into this world with the aid of the colourful playing board. You will take your turn with the spinner and the pawns that are included with the game and if you feel a bit lost in this world, simply use the map that has been provided. This map will give you the directions to move around with ease without missing out on the excitement and adventure. As you move around the world and stumble upon animals, plants and people, you will discover other exciting things. In all, you can find the answers to 672 puzzling and exciting questions about the countries and their capitals, the different continents and various other features of the world we live in.
More Interactive Aids to Help You in Your Expedition
In this creative educational aids World Safari game, there are symbols. Each of these symbols identifies a separate continent or a country. They also identify the physical features and the people who live in these places and help to answer many more questions. To make the game more exciting, there are also visual questions that are printed on the question cards.
Creative Products
This game has been created by Creative. This brand has been developing educational games for many years and has a reputation for manufacturing top-quality materials. All the items manufactured by Creative meet the highest European Safety Standards and the products are completely non-toxic.
Key Features
Material: Paper and board
Item weight: 1.2 kg
Minimum suggested age: 10 and above
Number of players: Two to four