Wrapples Shora


Wrapples Shora

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Wearable stuffed animal makes it easy for kids to take their favorite stuffie everywhere they go
Interactive stuffed animal features light-up eyes and more than 50 sounds and reactions
Wrapples interact with each other, making a fun toy for kids and their friends
Taking your kiddo's toys on the go is easy when they have a Little Live Wrapple from Little Live Pets. This adorable stuffed animal bracelet lets them wear a cuddly buddy right on their wrist for easy on-the-go playing. With eyes that change color to show their mood and more than 50 sounds and reactions, each Wrapple will let them feel like they're playing with a live creature. Wrapples even interact with each other, making them a great birthday gift for friends. Shora Wrapple is a bubbly water lover, but your child is sure to have great on-shore adventures with the little purple Wrapple.
Dimensions (Overall): 10.8 inches (L) x 3.0 inches (W) x 2.0 inches (H)
Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
Weight: .16 pounds
Material: Fabric, plastic
Includes: Instruction manual, batteries
Features: Detection sensor, moving mouth, responds to touch, sound effects, singing, lights up

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