Zephyr Oranges N Lemons


Zephyr Oranges N Lemons

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How to play: 
Place all the oranges in one holder on one side of the board and the lemons in the other holder on the other side.
The player who has chosen oranges starts first by placing one ball on any depressions given on the board.
 Each player takes turn placing their ball on the board one by one.
When 4 balls from a small square, the player can place his/her ball on top of the 4 balls.
A player in their turn can either place a ball from his holder to the play area (at any level) or move a ball from the play area and place it on a higher level.
Rules :
A ball from the play area cannot be moved on the same level. It can only be placed on the higher level.
A ball can only be placed on top of 4 balls. It cannot be placed on top of 3 balls.
A player cannot move the opponent's ball.
Educational Benefits: 
Knowledge: Enhance creative thinking and  logic 
Dexterity: Helps build aptitude and social skills.
Sociability: Help your child to learn about playing happily with other children by encouraging him to take turns when he plays with you.
Reasoning: Improves co-ordination skills and increases concentration.
Package Content:
1 game board.
15 Oranges Ball.
15 Lemons Ball.
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